Your Comfort is Our Top Priority

A major stumbling-block to having liposuction under local anaesthetic is the concern about being awake for the procedure. Naturally, a person would rather be asleep for the whole thing and wake up as if nothing, and everything, has happened.

Now, liposuction under local anaesthetic has a number of advantages over having it done under general anaesthetic, and we list these on our Safety in Liposuction page. It also allows for a more careful procedure. But what about discomfort?

The key is to be thorough and slow and careful in distributing the anaesthetic.

But firstly we give you some Valium and Pethidine (assuming no allergy). This makes you nice and relaxed.

We then administer tiny doses of anaesthetic through *tiny* needles to our several planned access points. Each anaesthetised patch of skin is about the size of a 5c piece.

We then make a tiny incision at each site. Totally numb.

And then, through each incision we introduce a very fine cannula through which we deliberately and carefully and slowly spread our anaesthetic solution throughout the proposed treatment area.

All the while you and I are likely chatting away about whatever topic comes up (I don’t like music during the procedure as my full attention is on the patient and the liposuction task).

So while this is taking place you might be aware, on and off, of a developing fullness and numbness in the treatment area. You might be aware now and then of the cannula moving through the fat. But you are comfortable and we make sure you stay that way.

Once we have distributed an abundant but safe volume of anaesthetic fluid into the treatment area, we can begin a process of pre-tunnelling. This involves essentially a “dry run” with the liposuction cannula through the treatment area – passing the liposuction cannula without any suction all through the unwanted fat, this way and that. Pre-tunnelling helps to further mix in the anaesthetic with the fat, ensuring its numbness. It also helps to loosen up the fat and ensure there are no pockets of fat left unwittingly undisturbed. It helps to hasten the anaesthetic process and ensure the final result is as even as possible. Takes time, but worth it.

By the end of pre tunnelling, the fat is very numb and actual liposuction can begin.

And so we proceed, painlessly, with you relaxed and chatting from time to time.

Once the procedure is over you’ll have a shower at the practice and dressings will be applied, plus a compressive garment that reduces post-op discomfort by keeping the treatment area held firmly, among other things. You’ll go home, and likely remain numb until around 2AM, at which time you’ll wake up, take some Panadeine Forte (in all likelihood) and go back to sleep.

Next day and as the days pass your residual discomfort improves steadily. If it helps as a guide, I’d estimate less than one patient in 20 would ever want more than a single scrip of Panadeine Forte to help them through the immediate post-procedure period. And, in any case, for a number of reasons the post-procedure period is more comfortable following liposuction under local anaesthetic than following liposuction under general anaesthetic.

And once you have had your liposuction procedure you get my mobile number to sort out any issues that arise.

But calls are very rare – because we plan the procedure well and your comfort is our top priority.

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