Training Experience Focus Care


Following graduation Dr Mahony spent years in the public hospital system training in a wide range of specialties in order to become a complete and well-rounded doctor.

After then spending ten years running a medical centre and employing a dozen other doctors to work under his supervision, Peach was opened in 2003.

Dr Mahony undertook specific Liposuction training under the auspices of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery in 2007, whilst assisting and training under a number of Australia’s leading liposuction surgeons.

He has since successfully completed hundreds of cases, and continues to attend clinical meetings and conferences in order to keep abreast of liposuction developments, having also lectured on safety in liposuction and surgical site infection prevention.


Hundreds of liposuction cases over seven years is substantial experience.

That’s enough to have the routine of treatment well established: like clockwork.

That’s enough to have seen a wide variety of cases and to have learnt to adapt the procedure to meet the needs of each patient.

It’s enough to have learnt how much suction to perform, how much is too little, and how much is too much.

And it’s enough to have seen the long-term results of past work, and to have the satisfaction of ongoing happy patients.


Liposuction is by far the commonest invasive procedure performed by Dr Mahony.

Our focus, therefore, is on liposuction.

It isn’t a sideline to, for example, breast surgery or face lifting.

It isn’t something we do now and then in between other cases.

We take pride in our liposuction work, and we take the time to get each patient right.

For us, liposuction is a big deal.


Because liposuction is a big deal for us, we take specific care with our liposuction patients.

We get blood investigations done before your procedure to make sure you are healthy to go ahead.

We are with you throughout the preparation and recovery.

We review you at 24 and 48 hours following the procedure.

And you get Dr Mahony’s mobile number for use in case of any issues following the procedure.

(Although it is rare for anyone to need to call – you will be well prepared for the recovery process, and the great majority of patients are pleasantly surprised at how well they get over the procedure).


For training, experience, focus and care with your liposuction procedure, call us at Peach Liposuction