Our Perfect Safety Record

Quite simply, we’ve never had a single event of compromised safety with liposuction at Peach.

And why might that be?

We keep it simple

Complex systems create opportunities for system failure. Whereas at Peach Dr Mahony is with you from start to finish. Our liposuction process is straightforward powered liposuction without complicating technologies that may give “surprise” outcomes.

We do it under local anaesthetic

General anaesthetics create potential for problems. Leg clots (=DVTs: deep venous thromboses) are a risk of general anaesthetics. You are less in control under a general anaesthetic.

Treating you under local anaesthetic eliminates these risks. Simpler, safer.

We don’t attempt too much

Yes, some doctors will try to treat a whole bunch of different areas “whilst I am there”. But this increases your risk.

At Peach we know exactly how much can be done thoroughly and safely.

We use antibiotics * in the anaesthetic fluid *

At Peach we’ve pioneered the use of prophylactic antibiotic mixed in with your anaesthetic fluid. This means that wherever you are numb you *also* have placed in the fat a generous direct dose of antibiotic.

Infection following liposuction is very very rare, but at Peach we aim to make it almost impossible.

You get Dr Mahony’s mobile number afterwards

Any problem after the liposuction call Dr Mahony direct. Whilst at other practices you might find yourself talking to an answering machine, a deputising service or a call monitor when you have a question about your recovery, at Peach you’ll talk to Dr Mahony direct.

Following any procedure small problems can become big problems if you don’t get prompt advice from your doctor, but at Peach we’ll keep you safe.

This is why we have a perfect safety record

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