Competitive Fees
Pay for Service, not Ego

Fees at Peach Liposuction are neither the cheapest nor the dearest.

As a bespoke liposuction clinic, we take pride in our careful and individuated approach. The liposuction work we do is skillfully performed and thoroughly completed to get your maximum benefit. As such, we do not offer a high-turnover, enough-and-no-more treatment service, and do not match the bargain fees of those who do (remembering you have just one body – why risk it for small savings?)

On the other hand, we recognise some clinics charge exhorbitantly as a reflection of the ego of their surgeon.

Our fees are more than competitive with practices offering a similar service.


What does it cost?

  • Neck liposuction, which is typically the smallest site commonly treated, starts at $3000.
  • A flatter abdomen is just $4900, plus your garment cost (around $150), and you pay no more for theatre fee or anaesthetist fee.
  • Abdomen plus love handles pushes it up to $6500, (again, plus your garment cost).
  • Upper arms a problem? $4900 is the whole treatment fee (plus garment). Add bra bump treatment for an extra $950
  • Saddle bags your only issue? just $4900 is your fee, plus your garment.
  • Breast or man-boob reduction by liposuction is your thing? As for upper arms and as for saddle bags, $4900 is your fee, plus garment.