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Natural results is what every clinic’s website offers, but few, if any, explain this concept.

To be frank, perfectly natural is what you are already (assuming you’ve not had treatments in the past). You presumably follow a good diet and you exercise meaningfully, and the natural outcome of this is what you see in the mirror. Any subsequent medical or surgical intervention to this outcome would be arguably unnatural.

And as mentioned elsewhere on this website, we absolutely support that if it is at all possible to get the shape you want through diet and exercise, then that is the natural and medically-correct way to go.

We also value and encourage a harmonious balance between one’s need for self-acceptance and one’s desire for self-improvement. None of us is perfect, and to drive for perfection can itself be seen, paradoxically, as an imperfection, whether that sought-perfection be of mind or body (if you’ll forgive the dualism).

But we come back to the ideas expressed most succinctly in what is sometimes called the “Serenity Prayer”, to do with:

Serenity to accept the things you cannot change

Courage to change the things you can

Wisdom to know the difference.

When we talk about natural results in liposuction, we are aiming to deliver balance and proportion between the various bodily shapes. We are also aiming to deliver a result that looks as though liposuction has not actually occurred.

As if the extra fat was never there, and as if we never removed it.

Remember that the whole idea of liposuction is to reduce/remove fat that is *disproportionate* to the rest of you. To reduce saddlebags that are disproportionate to your legs. Abdominal fat that is disproportionate to your shoulders. Neck fat that makes you look bigger than you are. So if this is our goal, then the *removal* of such superfluous fat restores balance and harmony and therefore its removal looks natural.

It is also important to remove the right amount of fat….

Now let me confess that ten years ago when I started doing liposuction I wondered whether this idea of leaving fat behind wasn’t just some convenient excuse for incomplete liposuction work, but further experience soon demonstrated the correctness of this approach. For, despite intuition to the contrary, it is possible to take away too much fat by liposuction, and taking too much fat leaves a worse and possibly unnatural result.

So one must observe the whole body, observe and pinch the skin to understand its intrinsic thickness, elucidate the degree and location of superfluous fat in the target area, and plan to leave enough fat such that locally superfluous fat is removed yet intrinsic and proportional fat remains.

For a layer of fat is intrinsic to the structure of nearly all your skin, and its complete removal would lead to a result that is unnaturally empty. Despite assumptions to the contrary, when there is too little fat under the skin the result looks unnatural and doesn’t look good.

The object of the exercise is to look good, not to look de-fatted for its own sake.

We further achieve smooth natural results by using smaller-than-average liposuction cannulas. This slows the process but improves the result; like using fine tools. We are also careful to blend in or “feather” the liposuction site with the surrounds so that the edge of the treated area is imperceivable.

All part of the technique of expert tumescent liposuction.

Life-changing results occur when we offer substantial reduction in the key areas that are causing you most concern.

Some patients wishing to undertake liposuction want fat removed from everywhere at once. Thus, they opt for general anaesthetic and a hospital stay. But if a patient wants liposuction performed at many body sites there’s a fair chance the real problem is that the patient is overweight. When this is the case, liposuction is a bad idea and the results are not life-changing due to such a patient’s tendency to regain any lost weight.

Liposuction is most life-changing when all the other elements of a fit lifestyle in a healthy body are in place. When this happens, the liposuction procedure is usually restricted to one or a few key body locations that are clearly fattier than the rest and out of proportion. Removal of this fat restores proportion. The underlying healthy lifestyle means total body fat stays low. The final piece is delivered to the puzzle, and life is changed.

I once saw a 50+yo fellow, generally fit and eating well, who had been so embarrassed by his man-boobs his whole life that he had never once been swimming with his by-then-adult children. And I was quite upset to hear this story – I LOVE swimming with my kids.

We performed liposuction on his man-boobs, did a great job, and today he swims with his grandkids.

Life changing.

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