Liposuction Overseas

Some patients are tempted to look overseas for cheap liposuction.

This is a mistake.

Operators putting together a package for you to have liposuction overseas in five star luxury for a low price obviously need to cut their costs wherever they can in order to create a viable business for themselves.

Obviously they do not have the commercial leverage to bargain down airfares or, to much extent, accommodation. Besides, they need the accommodation to impress the patient.

No, the only link in the chain against whom they can successfully bargain is: the surgeon.

And how are you, really, going to know the surgeon is good?

And how will you, practically, get the result improved later if it isn’t what you reasonably expected?

All surgeons, all doctors, run into problems from time to time.

All surgeons, all doctors, must guard their local reputations jealously in order to maintain that their practices remain successful.

Therefore, surgeons and doctors are highly motivated to ensure their local patients are satisfied, lest their local reputation becomes otherwise tarnished.

Furthermore, local medical authorities must represent the interests of local residents and citizens should surgical results not turn out right.

So Australian doctors are highly motivated to look after Australian citizens and residents.

Now, of course, all ethical doctors the world over are motivated to help all humans. That’s medical ethics.

But if you’ve had surgery overseas, and you’re not happy about the outcome, its hard to do very much about it. And if your surgeon practises many thousands of km away in another country, it won’t matter to him or her if you tell all your friends and neighbours here in Australia about how unhappy you are with the surgical result.

Whilst a local surgeon would care a lot. I assure you.

People love a story.

And if you go to the most expensive surgeon in town to get your cosmetic surgery, and get a good result, it isn’t much of a story. Your listeners will say “Well, he’s so expensive, you’d certainly hope to get a good result”. And the story dies.

But if you go to that same surgeon and get a bad result, the story lives! It might even make the newspapers.

So, good stories about good surgeons do not spread. Bad stories about good surgeons spread widely.

On the other hand…..

If you go overseas to a cheap, unknown surgeon, and then get a bad result, it isn’t much of a story. Your listeners will say “Well, that was a silly idea to go overseas for cheap surgery. You’ve only got one face. You should never have done that in the first place.” And the story dies. No-one likes to advertise their silliness.

But if you go overseas and get a good result, the story lives! “Look everybody at the great result I got overseas! And it was So Cheap!” The newspapers would love this, too.

So, bad stories about cheap surgeons do not spread. Good stories about cheap surgeons spread widely.

And so, listening to popular stories, you would think highly qualified and experienced local surgeons do a lot of bad work, and cheap surgeons overseas of uncertain qualification and training do only good work.

And you might think again, and realise this cannot plausibly be so.

I’ve had patients go overseas for cheap surgery and come back very happy.

I’ve also had patients go overseas for cheap surgery only to come back unhappy, and asking me to fix the problems created overseas. I am of course delighted to help such patients as much as I can, as I am for everyone.

And I think all experienced surgeons and cosmetic physicians have seen strange results return from overseas.

Having said all that, if you still choose to go overseas for surgery, you will *probably* get a satisfactory result.

And if you get a satisfactory result I will be very happy for you and we will move on.

And if you don’t get a satisfactory result I will do my best to help you.

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