Pubic Liposuction

Pubic Liposuction at Peach LiposuctionExcessive pubic fat will arise either in combination with subcutaneous abdominal fat, or on its own. When it arises in combination with abdominal fat it is often not recognised, as the abdominal fat tends to attract most attention and tends to get treated by liposuction in the first instance. Only once the abdomen has become flat and satisfactory will the patient then look at the pubic fat remaining and want to have that removed as well.

Because it is a less common problem, those aware of their pubic fat excess are sometimes quite self-conscious about it, as it can look a little odd as compared with common abdominal fat. The close relation between pubic fat and genitalia prompts further concern. Sometimes we find that excessive pubic fat will appear to crowd the upper aspect of the genitalia. creating an undesirable impression.

For doctors experienced in liposuction, pubic fat is straightforward to improve. Patients are highly satisfied and even relieved once their volume of pubic fat has been normalised by liposuction.

The Procedure

As compared to most liposuction tasks, the area involved is quite small. The treatment is readily performed under generous local anesthetic, with some sedation if needed. Only very small cannulae are required, applied through a single tiny access incision on each side. The excessive fat is vacuumed away, dressings are applied, and the job is done.

Whilst one can expect there to be some bruising and swelling at the treatment site, the great majority of patients can return to work the next day.

So, again, this is a straightforward procedure offering a clear aesthetic improvement to those with excessive pubic fat.

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