Jowl Liposuction

In youth, our cheek fat sits nice’n’high, creating a full continuous single curve from under the eye down to the jawline.

But further inside these cheeks we find the cavity of the mouth. Because the cavity is a hollow, there’s nothing directly deep to the cheeks to support them.

So the cheeks, made of soft and stretchy tissues, are supported by ligaments and muscles with bony anchors some distance (a few cm) away.

This means the structure isn’t really strong, and so it’s not surprising that it sags with time.

And so then the cheek fat that was sitting nice and high in our youth slowly sags downward with time. Some of the cheek fat will come to lean against the nasolabial line, making it appear deeper.

And some fat hangs straight down over the jawline, and that’s what we call jowls.

The Procedure

Now, it would be very elegant and anatomically correct if we could successfully re-hoist cheek fat back to its youthful position.

Many operations and procedures are described purporting to do this, but to be of interest to the cosmetic patient, a procedure has to effective but minimally invasive or non-invasive, and it turns out that when it comes re-hoisting cheek fat to eliminate jowls, the effective operations are not minimally invasive (they are *very* invasive) and the minimally invasive/non-invasive procedures are not very effective.

So: what are we to do?

Well, instead of re-hoisting the fat, why not just remove the extra fat?

This can be achieved in two ways;

  1. In cases where the jowl fat is minimal, a few careful lipodissolve treatments will effectively reduce the unwanted fat, leaving a better jawline.
  2. In cases where jowls are more substantial, or where the patient is in any case undergoing neck liposuction, liposuction of the jowls becomes feasible.

In practice, jowl liposuction occurs mostly in the context of neck liposuction. In which case it requires just a few minutes more attention.

Jowl liposuction has to be done very carefully,as it is paramount to avoid over-suctioning and an unnatural, over-empty result. Happily Dr Mahony is well trained and experienced in achieving natural results. Very fine cannulas are used, finer than those used more generally in the neck and much thinner than those used elsewhere on the body.

Once the neck and jowls are lightened, the whole face seems to lift.

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