Calf Liposuction

Why oh why do some perfectly slender people have fat calves?

I cannot tell you. It doesn’t seem fair.

But I can tell you that liposuction can slim away the excess fat from your calves, giving you a more slender ankle.

The Procedure

Access incisions are made (under local anaesthetic) just above the foot. Two three or four will be needed on each side, depending on the degree and distribution of excess fat present.

As always with liposuction, the idea is to give a most pleasing shape, rather than eliminate all fat . So, the amount of fat removed will vary from patient to patient.

Ankle liposuction patients heal more slowly than most. This is because the ankle and foot heal slowly after any procedure or operation, since blood flow through these anatomical sites tends to be poor. In absence of arterial disease, blood can get down there all right, but it is always sluggish getting back to the heart. It’s uphill!

So, prolonged compression may be necessary after calf/ankle liposuction. Patients have to be prepared for this.

Also, patients with any peripheral arterial disease or venous disease should not undertake ankle/calf liposuction. These two conditions predispose to ankle ulcers that take a long time to heal – and often heal with unsightly pigmentation. So, ankle/calf liposuction should be reserved for slender, healthy patients with fat ankles, *not* for heavy patients (who are more predisposed to venous disease).

As is so often the case, this is a great treatment *for the right patient*.

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