Looking good with Liposuction

You can have a great natural shape – if we can just wipe away that extra belly and those bumps.

Liposuction/liposculpture at Peach Liposuction is all about getting rid of those extra bumps of fat and that extra bit of belly in the safest and easiest manner possible.

Under gentle local “tumescent” anaesthetic, and mild sedation “to taste”, we can deliver without fuss and bother the smooth and proportional shape your dieting and exercising merits. You will look and feel like the real you inside once those extraneous bulges are gone after Peach Liposuction.

Who should consider Liposuction?

  • If a heavy neck is dragging on your whole face – consider liposuction
  • If belly and love handles aren’t going with exercise – consider liposuction
  • If some areas bulge more than others – consider liposuction
  • Any question of shape and proportion: ask us any time – and together we’ll consider liposuction

And why Peach?

Because we’re good at what we do!

Our primary cosmetic surgical focus is liposuction. It’s our headline treatment.

You will be attended to, exclusively, at every moment through our straightforward liposuction process. You will appreciate our attention to detail as we deliver thorough results whilst ensuring the outcome is smooth and proportionate.

Our goal is for you to be able to say, six months and six years after your liposuction or eyelid surgery or any other treatment we offer, “At Peach they looked after me” .

Price List

  • Neck liposuction, which is typically the smallest site commonly treated, starts at $3000.
  • A flatter abdomen is just $4900, plus your garment cost (around $150), and you pay no more for theatre fee or anaesthetist fee.
  • Abdomen plus love handles pushes it up to $6500, (again, plus your garment cost).
  • Upper arms a problem? $4900 is the whole treatment fee (plus garment). Add bra bump treatment for an extra $950
  • Saddle bags your only issue? just $4900 is your fee, plus your garment.
  • Breast or man-boob reduction by liposuction is your thing? As for upper arms and as for saddle bags, $4900 is your fee, plus garment

Give Peach a chance

To talk to a member of our team or book a consultation, please contact us today.